@MarinoRadio: #RyanTedder from @OneRepublic told me he’s more inspired when he writes songs #naked. #TMI #OneRepublic

Ryan Tedder getting pranked on stage by American Authors in their underwear! [x]

Happy 25th Birthday Brian Willett (Born August 17, 1989).

Ryan Tedder’s Hangout on 4music [x]

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OneRepublic perform @ The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon

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It’s kinda hard to put watermarks on transparent stuff and have it be legible, so I’m trusting that no one’s going to repost this.

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@scooterbraun: With my guy Ryan Tedder of @onerepublic at #thegiver. Make sure to check them out on our amazing @thegivermovie soundtrack

@thegivermovie: @OneRepublic hits the red carpet before performing their hit song #OrdinaryHuman from #TheGiver soundtrack!

@nerdist: Fallon Tonight w/ One Republic. No, I don’t get to join the band.

OneRepublic @ PNC Bank Arts Centre, Holmdel, NJ (August 10, 2014).

Anonymous asked:
do you maybe know if i can watch the concert they're streaming tonight afterwards? Because it would be like the middle of the night here :/


If you missed the livestream you can still watch it on the Yahoo Screen website for the next 24 hours link here

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Happy 29th Birthday Brent Kutzle (Born August 3, 1985)

OneRepublic + YouTube (insp.)

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