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Why Drew doesn't have a wiki page? and yeah they've changed a lot since when they 1st came out

I have also wondered why Drew doesn’t have a wiki page. I’m surprised no one has created one for him yet?? There is actually very little information about him on the internet and maybe he likes to keep it that way. I agree that the band have changed but that’s not necessarily a bad thing. All bands evolve and in OneRepublic’s case I like where their sound is going. If they didn’t change then each album would be the same, people would get bored and I don’t believe they would be as successful.


OneRepublic 7 years ago & now.

Who’s changed the most? :)

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Throwback to a girl with braids #tedzle Wetten, dass..?

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OneRepublic performs at Red Rock Amphitheatre on September 1.

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OneRepublic in Mexico City [x]


in the studio with onerepublic (x)

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September 1st, 2014

The last date of OneRepublic’s Native Summer Tour

Red Rocks Amphitheatre 

Morrison, Colorado

Were you here?? Send me a message and say hi! :)

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Throwback to Counting Stars performance on The Tonight Show (x)

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Orange Lounge

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Drew Brown guitarist with @onerepublic @quilterlabs loves Quilter Amps

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Waking Up and Native 


Rainbow Republic.

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