onerepublic - counting stars - orange lounge (x)

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OneRepublic @ the Gexa Energy Pavilion, Dallas. 26/08/14.

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Throwback to Counting Stars performance on The Tonight Show (x)

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A Nights Live with Adam Bomb: Interview with Ryan Tedder from OneRepublic.

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Guys I’ve been laughing at this too hard xD His reflection is like his evil side… “I’m gonna kill your family” side..

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Orange Lounge

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Anonymous asked:
Did you see that samsung mobile's giving away a OneRepublic live video from free? Its on their US fb page under owner's hub app. it's aweeesome

I hadn’t heard about that. Thanks for sharing. Here is the link to register if anyone is interested. The video is OneRepublic live in Mexico. You need to have a Samsung phone by the way.

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Brent @ The Orange Lounge. 23/06/14.

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